10 Things Backpackers Always Forget

Packing your backpack is always a challenge. I think most other backpackers will agree that you pack and re pack about 5 times before you are properly satisfied that you have ‘everything’. I’ve put together a blog with 10 random things that backpackers seem to always forget. These are super handy and we have used every single item so many more times than anything else we have taken with us. These are also the only remaining items that we have left since we started our trip in 2017…

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We Were in For a Huge Shock - Tokyo Toilets & Maids

WHY do we love Japan so much? Well… a few reasons really. But there was 2 funny surprises/experiences we found ourselves in that we couldn’t not share with you!

We always say that Tokyo is the best city on earth and I don’t think anything will change that! The reason is always the same… Tokyo is different. Different from any other city we have visited in the whole world. From Sumo Wrestlers to robot restaurants you totally have a whole scope of different experiences you would normally have in other cities around the world.

I want to fill you in on 2 funny experiences we found ourselves in… Ever been squirted up the a*** by a toilet… WELL….

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Tokyo ULTIMATE Guide - Love Hotels & Sumo Wrestlers

Ahhhhh Tokyo. The best city on earth. Everything about the Japanese culture is amazing and although we only saw Tokyo, it made that much of an impact that we are already deciding when we can go back to japan, it seriously blew us away.

It's a bit pricy but worth every penny. The reason we love it so much is because it's so much different to any other city we have visited. The people are the friendliest. The city is massive. There is so much you can do and see. If I could stay in one city forever, hands down it would be Tokyo. 

5 days was not enough and we were gutted when we were leaving. Here's some of the best things to do in Tokyo.

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5 Things to do and 1 Thing NOT TO DO: Hong Kong

Hong Kong, is a cool, laid back city with plenty to do/see. It was a slight culture shock for us as we had been living it fairly rough, messy bun, dirty clothes, super cheap lifestyle… You know how it is in SEA. When we arrived in Hong Kong we realised how well kept everyone was so had to get some new clothes and put a bit of slap on, (for the first time in 3 months).

Its definitely an expensive city and busy city but worth a visit for sure. Here is 5 things we think you should do and 1 thing you need to avoid…

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You Just WHAT?! - Travelling as a Couple, The Truth

Travelling as a couple is by far the best thing of all time. However, it doesn’t always come easy. Some things have happened on this trip that you would never experience in a normal day to day life together. Is it always as glamorous as it seems? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

How well do you really know your other half? Do you REALLY think it could work travelling full time with them?

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Waterfalls, Tubing and Opium? - Laos

Yep, you read that right! One of the most famous things about Laos is tubing down the Nam Song river, whilst being off ya nut on Opium. Don’t worry guys, we wasn’t one of ‘those’, we were defiantly on one but that was due to the amount of buckets we’d guzzled down on Lozzas birthday! Laos is home to some beautiful waterfalls, scenery, temples and little towns. We really enjoyed our time here but was ready to leave after a few weeks…

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Top Things to do in Bangkok

Our first ever stop on our whole trip: Bangkok

First impressions? Busy, chaotic, amazing, smelly, cheap, expensive... basically every possible emotion. The city has a huge international mix of people but its big, interesting and there is something to do for everyone!

Here is a list of things we have done in Bangkok that we are sure you will love!

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The Best Things To Do In The North Of Thailand

The North of Thailand is actually beautiful. It was the first area we travelled on this whole trip and we loved it! Here you'll find the top 5 things we did in Chiang Mai that we think you'll love! 

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Farm Work Australia

Soo, the dreaded Aussie farm work. Here you'll find all the things you need to know before starting your farm work.

Some people describe it as pure slavory, and in some ways I have to aggree. At a lot of farms you get treated like shit, and thats simply because for the most part we are all there for the same reasons: our second year visa and the dollar - even the management are getting sponsored so everyone feels the same.

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We finally wrote about MONEY. Find out how much we saved to travel the world with and how much we have (accidentally) spent in 8 months. If you are hoping to travel the world one day, this blog should give you an idea on how much money you should aim to save and how much money you should expect to spend, with a few extra tips thrown in. ENJOY!

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Vietnam By Bike - ROAD TRIP!

Vietnam! One of the best countries in the world, especially if you fancy a road trip on a motorbike! We travelled from the South (Ho Chi Minh City) to the very North of Vietnam. We took a completely un touristy route and honestly cannot explain the experience we had. Here you’ll find our route, places we stayed, how much we spent and a few discount codes! I hope you enjoy and even more so, enjoy Vietnam as much as we did!

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The Truth About Cambodia

Cambodia was a very special place. From the temples to the beaches, you can experience everything, and every emotion too. I wanted to write about Cambodia in a positive way because it’s an amazing place to visit. I also want to write about the negative things we have come across as well because that’s just as important.

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The Dreaded Laos to Cambodia Bus

Cambodia, the next destination on our list! We thought we would be smart arses and save a bit of cash by getting a 22hour sleeper bus. Looking at plane tickets, we were getting all sorts of different numbers. Anywhere from £115 - £250 and the flight is literally 2 hours long. 

We spent pretty much the whole day before walking around town looking for the cheapest tickets. The bus station itself normally best deal so we took it upon ourselves to walk straight there. So off we went walking for what seemed like miles (it was only 1.5km) and miles in the blistering midday heat. 

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Slow Boat to Laos

Getting the slow boat down the Mekong sounded long but we heard it was fun! Being the Pair of Plodders it seemed quite fitting that we were to use the slowest form of transportation, a slow boat which took 2 days to get us from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang. We had a 1 night stop over in a very strange town called Pakbeng (which we will go into shortly)…

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Our North Thailand - First Impressions

So we started our travel adventure in Bangkok, Thailand. Which was very different to how we expected. We thought it would be quite laid back which a lot of interesting things to do and things to see. The city itself was really cool. Some of the buildings were absolutely massive and its home to our favourite thing ever… The Unicorn Cafe. 

Something we found out for ourselves when we got there is that it really stinks. Sewage/food/pollution/fumes all mixed together. It's not the best. Also, Bangkok is very touristy as you can imagine so some of the Thais are quite pushy with you to buy stuff or to go to a ping pong show.

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Before We Went: Laos

Firstly, how do you pronounce Laos? Is it 'Lay-oss' or is it ‘Lawe’ or ‘Lawse’ … I think its an ‘each to their own' kind of thing. We’ve spoken to different people about Laos and they all pronounce it differently. We have decided to pronounce it ‘Lawe’.

To be completely honest, we didn’t even know Laos was a country until we decided to go travelling and looked at a map. Its the country in-between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is right at the bottom of Laos (which may be our next stop).

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Beautiful Elephants

Ahh, elephants! They are probably one of the best things I have ever come across. The beauty in their eyes, the thick, soft, leather feel of their long, floppy trunk. It was amazing.

We were quite hesitant when it came to seeing elephants in Thailand. Just because we knew that a lot of places treat the elephants badly. We both love animals, and the thought of seeing one of the most beautiful animals treated badly would have broken our hearts. 

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Helping Thai Soldiers

…The little old ladies who were chopping up the veggies were so excited to see us. Shortly after we were being nosey someone came over and opened the gate allowing us to go in and check the place out! We were fascinated by everything going on, everyone was doing their bit to get this mountainous meal ready. The little old ladies were prepping the food, 5 or 6 soldiers out back cleaning the pots and pans, around 8 soldiers cooking on 2 different woks (these woks were the real deal, an easy 3foot wide) and one head chef directing them all to work in harmony with one another. The soldiers used these metal ores to stir up this huge wok of food moving around the wok, mixing up the food all at the same time whilst chanting '1,2, up’ in Thai, it was like watching a film.

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ThailandPair of Plodders
Our First Day In Bangkok

We stepped off of our plane this morning and the thick, polluted air hit us with a reality check that Bangkok isn't going to be paradise. We realised more as we got into Bangkok that, the place is quirky, busy and very noisy! We were slightly disheartened when we got here - mainly because we had lots of waiting around to do and we were both tired and hangry (hungry and angry).

When we arrived in Bangkok we were completely lost. We had no clue where we were or supposed to be going. Obviously, there is a language barrier and a massive culture difference to what we are used to as well. Neither of us have been somewhere like this before so as expected it was a bit of a shock and will take us a few days to get used to everything.

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ThailandPair of Plodders
Before we go & Bucket list: Thailand

If you were to ask us ‘what do you want to do in Thailand?’ from the off, we wouldn’t have a clue how to answer. From what we have heard/researched Thailand is known as ‘The Land of Smiles’ so straight away sounds like our cup of tea. We have heard how cheap it is out there, that there are loads of cool things to do and that life is good in Thailand especially for British tourists.

Here are some of the things we would like to do in Thailand:

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