Before we go & Bucket list: Thailand


If you were to ask us ‘what do you want to do in Thailand?’ from the off, we wouldn’t have a clue how to answer. From what we have heard/researched Thailand is known as ‘The Land of Smiles’ so straight away sounds like our cup of tea. We have heard how cheap it is out there, that there are loads of cool things to do and that life is good in Thailand especially for British tourists.


Here are some of the things we would like to do in Thailand:


  1. Go to an Elephant sanctuary - it goes without saying. However, we are going to make sure that the one we go to is genuine and that the Elephants are treated properly. NO RIDING & NO CHAINS.

  2. Go to the floating market - I have no idea what they sell, but it's a market that floats, we have to see it!

  3. Go to a cooking class - Sam's already really good at cooking, and I am really good at eating - so this is a must. *Almost dribbled thinking about it*

  4. We HAVE to check out the famous Khao San Road - We have heard it’s a bit nuts, but nuts is our middle name!

  5. Full moon party - This is a maybe, it’s actually on Jan 2nd, 2018 which is also our 2 year anniversary. What better way to celebrate!

  6. Get off the beaten track - We want to see the things that a lot of backpackers seem to miss! & that is the beauty of nature, which you have to explore out of all the touristy areas.

  7. Watch a Muay Thai fight - Because both of us kick box we also get to train a bit of Muay Thai. When we are in Thailand we will have the pleasure of meeting up with 2 friends that also train us and watch one of them get in the ring in Thailand for her final fight. She will smash it I’m sure & we are super excited to see them there. We are hoping to do our own bit of Muay Thai training whilst we are there too.

  8. Drive mopeds from Chiang Mai to Pai - Okay so for obvious reasons I am a little bit nervous about this, but - grow some balls and do it Lozza! What an amazing experience it will be.

  9. Island hop - If we go to Thailand and don’t island hop, who even are we? Plus I have to see where Leonardo Dicaprio filmed ‘The Beach’ (not a massive fan of the film, Leonardo however…)

  10. Get the slow boat to Laos - I personally haven't done any research about this but Sam has and it sounds brilliant. It's a cheap alternative to flying and you get to see a lot more too.

So there you have it, a list of things we would like to do in Thailand. We will actually be in Thailand twice, September and December. We have a rough route plan which you can see here.


Peace people!

Pair of Plodders