Who Are The Pair of Plodders?

‘Insert a paragraph about yourself here’ - said no one ever… it's harder to explain ‘who you are’ than it first seemed, so we have decided to twist it up a bit and write a paragraph or 2 on each other. Truth be known we probably know each other more than we do ourselves, so here goes...

I'll start with Sam. Sam is also known as Sammy Jack (well that's what I call him) he lives in a village just outside of Buckingham, England. He is 23 and he works as a self-employed Electrician in London. He has played Rugby forever and he loves kickboxing and boxing and has had 3 charity boxing matches with 2 wins under his belt, along with being a purple belt kick boxer. Sam is probably one of the most loving and strangest human beings I have ever met. He defiantly pushes people to do well and loves a beer.

When we first met, Sam told me that he wanted to go and work in Australia and at the time I said I’d always wanted to go travelling but I never had the balls to do it. He made it sound like he was doing it and doing it soon. Obviously, he was just trying to impress me as he hadn't even looked at the first thing about travelling, he had just looked at pictures on google and peoples Instagrams *rolls eyes*. As things developed with us, travelling became more of a big dream in the distant future. Sam has really influenced me in a lot of things, like going out of my comfort zone to do things I have really been proud of and that there is more to life than being stressed or upset about things that don't really matter, and to just embrace everything. There is never a dull day between Sam and I and the only tears that we ever have are from laughing too much, or if we watch a cute film with a good ending (Yes, Rugby player/Kick boxer has tears!) I could go on forever but I’ll let Sammy have his say…


 So, let’s talk about Lozza J (Lauren). Every day she’s either pulling a prank on me or coming out with a load of old waffle about something. Lozza likes telling her random stories and throwing herself into the deep end of life. When she has an idea in her head there's nothing stopping the little bull in a china shop. This world has been blessed with her presence for the last 21 years. She lives in a village just outside of Aylesbury, England and for the last few years, she has worked for a Mortgage Brokers.  Like me, she is a purple belt kickboxer and she loves it. I am pretty certain that without us training together, she would have ripped my head off by now. We are very blessed to share an interest that we both enjoy so much.

She is very energetic, especially after eating a load of chocolate. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with her. I’m a calm and relaxed kind of guy, so in comparison, I feel like we are two very different peas in one very strange pod. I've always been the kind of person to say I’m going to do something, then find every excuse in the book to not do what I said I would. But Loz is the complete opposite. If she wants something she will work her hardest to get it. This is going to be an amazing experience for the pair of us and I can't wait to do it all with my nutty little mate Lozza J!

...So there you have it, a bit about us. We are just 2 ‘normal’ people with the same dream. We have worked soo hard over the last 8 months or so, saving our absolute arses off, selling anything and everything we own to make a bit more money and not having much of a life at all. We know it will be so worth it and we will be sharing our adventures with you all every step of the way.

Thanks for reading!

Pair of Plodders