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Slow Boat to Laos

Getting the slow boat down the Mekong sounded long but we heard it was fun! Being the Pair of Plodders it seemed quite fitting that we were to use the slowest form of transportation, a slow boat which took 2 days to get us from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang. We had a 1 night stop over in a very strange town called Pakbeng (which we will go into shortly)…

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Before We Went: Laos

Firstly, how do you pronounce Laos? Is it 'Lay-oss' or is it ‘Lawe’ or ‘Lawse’ … I think its an ‘each to their own' kind of thing. We’ve spoken to different people about Laos and they all pronounce it differently. We have decided to pronounce it ‘Lawe’.

To be completely honest, we didn’t even know Laos was a country until we decided to go travelling and looked at a map. Its the country in-between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is right at the bottom of Laos (which may be our next stop).

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