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10 Things Backpackers Always Forget

Packing your backpack is always a challenge. I think most other backpackers will agree that you pack and re pack about 5 times before you are properly satisfied that you have ‘everything’. I’ve put together a blog with 10 random things that backpackers seem to always forget. These are super handy and we have used every single item so many more times than anything else we have taken with us. These are also the only remaining items that we have left since we started our trip in 2017…

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Waterfalls, Tubing and Opium? - Laos

Yep, you read that right! One of the most famous things about Laos is tubing down the Nam Song river, whilst being off ya nut on Opium. Don’t worry guys, we wasn’t one of ‘those’, we were defiantly on one but that was due to the amount of buckets we’d guzzled down on Lozzas birthday! Laos is home to some beautiful waterfalls, scenery, temples and little towns. We really enjoyed our time here but was ready to leave after a few weeks…

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We finally wrote about MONEY. Find out how much we saved to travel the world with and how much we have (accidentally) spent in 8 months. If you are hoping to travel the world one day, this blog should give you an idea on how much money you should aim to save and how much money you should expect to spend, with a few extra tips thrown in. ENJOY!

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